Issues Facing LGBTQIA+ Families

Here is the audio of my workshop, "Issues Facing LGBTQ+ Families," from the 2024 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. I share my experience accompanying 3 LGBTQIA+ children along with some bonus kiddos, statistics impacting the LGBTQIA+ community, and the stories…

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Making LGBTQ Parish Ministries Work

Here is the YouTube playlist for my 3 part series, "Making LGBTQ Parish Ministries Work" from my 2022 workshop for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles at its annual LA Religious Education Congress, the largest pastoral ministry conference of…

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Eyes on the Cross: A Reflection

I am super excited to have released Eyes on the Cross, my first ever collection published through OCP.

I’m constantly learning from the Cross. While it’s a sign of our redemption through Christ’s sacrifice, the Cross is also a…

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Broken Heart

Many people who meet me ask me about the wooden symbol I wear around my neck. It’s called a Heart Tau. It is a Franciscan Tau cross rooted in a heart, the symbol and habit of the Brothers and Sisters…

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Akwaaba! Songs of Solidarity and Peace

"For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink."  
—Matthew 25:35 

In partnership with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), seven Spirit & Song/OCP composers went on a goodwill tour of Ghana, praying and…

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MissionEighty5 Release

I'm happy and excited to announce my partnership with MissionEighty5™ Music. The debut album, "Scandal of Mercy" (©2016 MissionEighty5 Music), features the original songs of myself, Ike Ndolo, Steven Joubert, Paul J. Kim, American Idol contestant, Thomas Muglia, and…

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"King of My Heart" Has Arrived

Now available on my online store, King of My Heart: 9 studio recordings of my original worship songs and a bonus track, "Looking for You," a song about solidarity and community.

I graduated from college to immediately direct music…

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