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The mission of JesusGlue Ministries, Inc. is to foster the love of Christ through prayer, word, song and, above all, belonging. JesusGlue's activities have grown into programs and experiences that foster community building, social justice, Contemporary Christian Music, Catholic faith formation, liturgy and spirituality. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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Always God's Children: LGBTQ+ Meeting Template

Enter your email address for a free PDF of "Always God's Children," a meeting template for establishing a safe environment where LGBTQ+ Catholics, their families, friends, and allies can find kinship. Having a sense of belonging is difficult for many LGBTQ+ people of faith and their loved ones. As a Catholic DADvocate of three LGBTQ+ children, I created this template with the help of my wife, Mary, based on feedback from LGBTQ+ Catholics and our experience journeying with LGBTQ+ people. The name, "Always God's Children," is derived from the USCCB Statement "Always Our Children,” considered one of the more compassionate statements from the Catholic Church with regard to LGBTQ+ people and their families. We affirm that all of us are "Always God's Children.”

Reflection: Lighting the Way
  • Reflection: Lighting the Way

Reflection: Lighting the Way

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A hunger awareness reflection created by Catholic Relief Services utilizing my song, "Tune of Ignorance." Through music, reflection, and journaling participants will connect their own lives with the lives of our siblings in need around the world. They will identify how they can each “light the way” for a world that is often darkened by ignorance.

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Workshops & Interviews

Issues Facing LGBTQIA+ Families 

Here is the audio of my workshop, "Issues Facing LGBTQ+ Families," from the 2024 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. I share my experience accompanying 3 LGBTQIA+ children along with some bonus kiddos, statistics impacting the LGBTQIA+ community, and the stories of rainbow families deeply affected by the current culture war over LGBTQIA+ inclusion. This is an expanded edit of the original workshop that includes the audio from a video clip that I couldn't play because of a technical issue. Audio downloads of my presentation can be purchased from the Los Angeles Archdiocese here.

Making LGBTQ Parish Ministries Work 

Here is the YouTube playlist for my 3 part series, "Making LGBTQ Parish Ministries Work" from my 2022 workshop for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles at its annual LA Religious Education Congress, the largest pastoral ministry conference of its kind. My workshop features the the experience of other Catholic LGBTQ Ministry leaders and what I’ve learned accompanying my LGBTQ+ children and other young people displaced by religious families who rejected them. The series covers five points: 1. Experiencing the Call, 2. Building Proximity, 3. Educating Staff and Parishioners, 4 Assessing Your Parish and 5. What do LGBTQ+ People Want?

Accompanying LGBTQ Youth and their Families  

I was honored to speak at the 2020 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress on "Accompanying LGBTQ Youth and their Families." God has gifted my wife, Mary, and I with proximity to the LGBTQ community through our children and others that have walked through our door. I share what we have learned from them. You can listen to an audio stream of my workshop and access my statistic/resource sides below. A special thank you to for giving me permission to post my workshop on my webpage. My web player does not allow me to post audio on my blog for streaming alone. If you would like a personal copy of my workshop (workshop 2-20) or any of the workshops for the LA RE Congress, please purchase from

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